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Composite Pipe
Pipe is a tubular structure used to convey water,g...     Read More
Composite Drive Shaft/Driveshaft
Lightweight drive shaft made of carbon fiber reinf...     Read More
FRP Light Pole
A Street and other light poles such as lamppost,st...     Read More
FRP Trough/Launder
A long,narrow,generally shallow receptacle for hol...     Read More
FRP Utility Pole
A utility pole is a column or post used to support...     Read More
FRP Degasser Tower
Degasser Towers operate on the principal of passin...     Read More
FRP Silo
FRP silos are ideal for storage of bulk material i...     Read More
FRP Pipe for Water Treatment
Pipes are used to convey/transfer fluids from on e...     Read More
FRP Waste Water Treatment Tanks
A wastewater treatment tank are designed to receiv...     Read More
FRP Chimney
A chimney is a structure which provides ventilatio...     Read More