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Composite Pipe
Pipe is a tubular structure used to convey water,g...     Read More
Composite Wind Blade
Wind Blade is an essential part of wind turbine to...     Read More
Composite Spinner/Nose Cone
The spinner or nose cone is an area made of glass ...     Read More
Composite Helihoist
The helicopter platforms are made of glass reinfor...     Read More
FRP Trough/Launder
A long,narrow,generally shallow receptacle for hol...     Read More
FRP Density Current Baffles
Water treatment product that are designed to ensur...     Read More
FRP Dustbin
A FRP container for household refuse,especially on...     Read More
FRP Ventilator Base Plate
A base plate structure is used for all types of in...     Read More
FRP Lining
Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) linings are used in...     Read More
FRP Industrial Trolley
A pulley or truck traveling on an overhead track a...     Read More