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Composite Pipe
Pipe is a tubular structure used to convey water,g...     Read More
Composite Drive Shaft/Driveshaft
Lightweight drive shaft made of carbon fiber reinf...     Read More
Composite Wind Blade
Wind Blade is an essential part of wind turbine to...     Read More
Composite Spinner/Nose Cone
The spinner or nose cone is an area made of glass ...     Read More
FRP Rebar
A rod or bar used for reinforcement in concrete or...     Read More
FRP Swimming Pool
A swimming pool is a container filled with water i...     Read More
FRP Plate and Laminate
The plates and laminates are used to strengthening...     Read More
FRP Fastener
A fastener is a hardware device that mechanically ...     Read More
FRP Pipe for Water Treatment
Pipes are used to convey/transfer fluids from on e...     Read More
Composite Hydraulic Accumulator
A hydraulic accumulator is an energy storage devic...     Read More