Over 1,200 composite applications. Find what’s hot and what’s trending. Learn about challenges and opportunities in various markets.

Applications of Composites by Industry

Transportation (315) Construction (199) Pipe and Tank (63) Electrical and Electronics (19) Energy (7) Others (6)
Aerospace (313) Consumer Goods (73) Marine (42) Oil and Gas (16)

Applications of Composites by Material Type

Glass Fiber (661) Polyester (492) Vinylester (120) Phenolic (56) Natural Fiber (11) Polyurethane (8)
Epoxy (506) Carbon Fiber (487) Polyamide (63) Polypropylene (50)

Applications of Composites by Manufacturing Process

Autoclave (319) Pultrusion (142) Filament Winding (70) Spray-up (28) VARTM (11) Vacuum Infusion (8)
Prepreg Layup (313) Injection Molding (132) RTM (52) Panel Lamination (28) Bladder Molding (9) Roll Wrapping (6)
Compression Molding (276) Hand Layup (130) Resin Infusion (43)
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